Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is your property being advertised effectively? Should your home be in the newspaper?

Is your property being advertised effectively? 
Should your home be in the newspaper or local property papers?

Or is it required? Most Sellers expect that the property must be advertised in local printed, but those advertisements only supply a very limited results and thus not very popular by estate agencies.  The larger property websites like,, obtain more traffic than any other advertisements could. 

Is there then any role for the placements of endless advertisements on Facebook, Twitter and other social media? We ask the question why? Why do people care about the opinion of others so much? All of us is exposed to advertising campaigns that is designed by clever people who work us over intellectually or sociologically! So we as consumers are being fed information, to much information and a lot of times, information that we don't truly understand and are now called informed decision makers, but actually we don't understand all the mambo jumbo and jargon that goes around! What do we do? What do we do? We ask people what they believe! 

Lets look at it from another angle - there are those people who believe in network marketing, and some of those became really rich in doing so, and they will tell you and everybody else that WORD OF MOUTH is the best advertising that you can do! Where people who is exposed to the same things, discuss and motivate purchase on experience they had! Excellent - but we live in a time where we can't even take the time to phone a friend on his / her birthday, we conveniently just leave a Facebook message! 

Our post modern world WORD OF MOUTH is social media! We talk about the experiences we have, the places we visit and from those actions we relate to other friends what is good out there in the world. 

This is the main reason why the social media branding and campaigns in the USA has exploded into the state that it is, and believe that social media would be the biggest decision maker of the century. That is why all the corporations around the globe and making all advertising in this market - even the banned advertisements attract more views that any other marketing campaigns. We read about some of those in the News as if that is the news! 

Lets talk South African Real Estate - this phenomena has not really taken over the South African marketing world as yet, but Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more social applications are dominating the thought of the consumer and therefore your agents entrusting with the marketing of your home should have a proper presence in this marketing arena. We are aware that a very large portion of the future market is using social media via smartphones and therefore your agent needs to be aware that it is more important to have a mobile website where properties are being advertised for faster viewing than normal websites. 

What should be in the marketing mix to attract the right buyer for your property? Obviously the agency need to advertise the property with good quality photos on all the major property webpages including,, they should have their own website, blog and more importantly as we are in Africa a mobile website! Each agency should also be active on social media and actively plan advertising campaigns to assist in the marketing of the property. 

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