Friday, April 12, 2013

Why put my home on show? Are Agents only showing it because they believe they will get a buyer for the property?

Why put my home on show? Are Agents only showing it because they believe they will get a buyer for the property? 

Estate Agents make use of this marketing tool as it attracts buyers that are unknowingly in the market! There are a large number of properties being sold by means of first introduction to the property was during a show day. 

Show house Brochures 
There are a lot of impulse buyers in South Africa and by opening up your home to those buyers, you might just strike gold! Some other buyers believe that they do not want to inconvenience Sellers as their schedule is not predictive and they cannot make an appointment to view. 

But I am not going to lie to you - we (as estate agents) like to have properties on show as it supplies us with various buyers that might buy other properties on our books. This should however be seen as a positive, they might just buy the property of the seller that wants to buy your home, but first need to sell their property. 

You need to ensure that your agent takes time planning his show-day and if the agent arrives only a couple of minutes before the show is starting that should be an indication that the agents is not putting so much effort into the showing of your home. On the other hand, if the show boards are up early, and it is advertised on various mediums that the property is on show, it might attract the right buyer for the property. 

We as an estate agency believe that the showing should be advertised on the major website as most of the larger web-sites offer showing times and one can then download the various show houses in an area when you are driving through the area. 

Apart from that when more buyers visit your property it seems more popular, it would attract more viewers and could achieve better competition from the various sellers. 

We tend to the following, when planning a show: 

1. Place property on show on various property web sites.(Property24, Private      Property);
2. Place the property on our own website front page - with the invitations as first pictures;
3. Prepare Invitations and deliver to various properties;
4. Prepare Show house pamphlets for distribution at the show house;
5. Put up the pointer boards on the Friday afternoon to show the location of the property;
6. Plan marketing campaign in terms of social media, including Twitter & Facebook. 

If you are not sure that your appointed agent is doing everything that can be done, give our dedicated agents a call for a listing appointment.